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Personal history interviews help compensate for the digital age. Historians and families used to have extensive correspondence, diaries,

and other written documents from which to construct their family history. 

But in today’s world, text messages and phone calls have largely replaced those valuable historical records. Unless it is purposefully documented much of the personal experience of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries will be lost for families in the future.

Anne provides a personal and comfortable interview experience that will produce a written transcript and audio recording so that there will be a record of the storyteller's own words sharing his or her personal experience.


Interview Services

We would all like to be remembered for who we really are. Facts and dates are important, but they rarely capture a person's motivation or personality.

The gift of sharing your personal experience is a way to connect people with your unique memories, experiences, and life lessons. Here are just a few topic ideas to consider for your storytelling experience.  

• Basic Biography

• Family Traditions and Stories

• Military or Civil Service Experiences 

• Professional Achievements

• Courtship and Love Stories

Or better yet, consider customizing your topic!


Owner & Story Collector

With over 25 years in the museum and archives field, Anne Bolen is passionate about preserving our national and community stories. After working to make history an engaging experience, she founded Anne B. History to help families and organizations capture and preserve their stories. Turn your ancestry work forwards by preserving the memories of your living relatives or organization members. Their memories are a source of wisdom and inspiration. 

When you are working on your family tree, don't forget the living roots!

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Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Anne will travel to you. Please reach out if you are not local and a phone interview option can be arranged.

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If your venue is looking for a memorable event, please send a message so that a presentation can be crafted for your unique audience. 


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