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Whose story will last for the next generation?

Personal history interviews help preserve your family stories and traditions. Families used to have letters, diaries, and other written documents from which to construct their personal history, but in today’s world, digital communication has replaced those valuable historical records. Unless it is purposefully documented much of the personal experience of the last century will be lost.

Anne provides a personal and comfortable interview experience for you or your family storyteller that will provide a lasting document so that there will be a record of someone's own words sharing his or her individual experience. 


What is the process like?

Preserving memories is a personal process. If you have family members with amazing stories to share, this is a comfortable and easy way for them to share their experiences and knowledge in a lasting form.

With decades of interviewing experience, Anne will consult with you and your storyteller to chose question topics and guide everyone through each stage of the project. Check out Packages & Programs to learn more about it. 


Owner & Chief Interviewer

With over 25 years in the museum and archives field, Anne Bolen is passionate about preserving our national and community stories. After working to make history an engaging experience, she founded Anne B. History to help families and organizations capture and preserve their stories. Turn your ancestry research focus forward by preserving the memories of your living relatives or organization members. Their memories are a source of wisdom and inspiration. 

When you are working on your family tree, don't forget the living roots!

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