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Erika from Washington State

My father is legally blind and at 77, he has difficulty hearing. Since we live on the West Coast, we decided to do his interview via FaceTime. 

I didn't know how this would turn out, given that wasn't an in-person interaction. Anne did the most thorough questioning. She was genuine and made my father feel comfortable to share so many stories that as his daughter I had never heard! 

If you are thinking of doing this for a loved one: DO IT! Our stories and our family histories are keepsakes...life is about passing these stories on and inspiring the next generation, so that they may know the laughter, and sometimes the hardships, their parents and grandparents endured. THANK YOU, ANNE!


A Gift From a Wife to Her Husband

I just wanted to thank you. Bob hasn't stopped talking about the interview. In fact, he was just telling a grandson about it and what a great job you did. He commented on how comfortable you made him feel.

He said to me that you didn't seem to push him for answers, just let him set the pace. He was talking about how relaxed you made him feel. He was impressed by the booklets that you had already done and said "What a good job." So, thank you again.

Marie in Ashburn, VA


A Genealogist Shares His Own Story

I just finished reading all three interviews and congratulate you for the high quality of your work and integrating pertinent photos.  As a result, I am more inspired than ever to do more interviews. Many thanks.

Mike in Alexandria, VA

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Virginia from Virginia


"You are such a charming interviewer.  How important a good and caring person is in that role. You made us confident in the flow of conversation with your encouraging smile and nodding of your head! The time went by so quickly." 

Virginia in McLean, VA

A Memorable Mother's Day Gift


"Anne—I finally had a chance to bask in your ingenuity, skill, and artistry tonight. I love what you have done with the book! The cover, the presentation, the brilliant idea to do this in the first place — all is fabulous. I am so pleased with the finished product and doubly pleased that this beautiful and historic package will live on long after I am gone."

Pam in Alexandria

"I wanted to know more about Dad's time in Vietnam"


"Dad will hardly admit that he was a veteran. He felt that others sacrificed so much more. But I am deeply interested in what he saw and learned. This was a great way to get him to share his experience in a relaxing way."

Heather in Portland, 

Both Sides of the Story


"My mother lived in Japan during WWII. Sometimes I get frustrated trying to get her to share with me. She opened up to Anne and I heard things that I'd never heard before."

Yuki in Alexandria, VA

"I wish we had done this sooner"


"Edith passed away before we could record her stories first hand. I'm so glad that those of us that remember her and her funny little sayings took the time to write these down."

Nancy in Maui, HI

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Every person has a unique perspective on their town and times. Don't let their stories be lost. Call Anne today to give them a gift that says their story matters to you.