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The perfect addition to your family & genealogy research

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Estate Planning Assistance

Along with the legal paperwork, it is important to  leave your Letter of Last Instruction. This is a narrative that describes your wishes and preferences. Anne can help you complete this crucial part of your estate plan.  

Family Treasures Have Stories Too.

Do you have family heirlooms and only you know the story behind them? Anne will help you document and record the provenance of the items you want to pass on. 

Downsizing? This is also an idea way to save the memory, but let go of the stuff.  

Senior Living Professionals

Check back soon to subscribe to a professional newsletter with activity and memory-improving ideas, movie & book reviews, and interview anecdotes that will entertain your residents.

Need Transcription Help?

"I have these old tapes..." Do you have recordings of interviews that were done in the past? Anne can help you get them digitized and transcribed before the media is lost. Remember, unless you get it transcribed, it will only last as long as your favorite 8-track tape and the player to listen!

"What do I DO with all this stuff??"

Have old diaries, and family memorabilia but don't know what to do with it all? Take advantage of Anne's 25 years in the museum field. She can suggest possible donation repositories, archival storage solutions, and creative ways to look at sharing the wealth of family information. 

Want To Learn More?

Anne can speak or present to your organization or appear on a radio or television program. 

Enjoy this radio program from Aging Matters: