Time to Get Talking

Gift Ideas


Do you have someone celebrating a birthday? What better gift than to show them you are interested in their life experiences.

Christmas or Hanukkah? Mother's or Father's Day? How about  wedding anniversary?

Tell them today that you want their story saved.  

Referral Specials


For each booked interview or speaking engagement, take 10% of the cost of your own interview or presentation

Just mention BESTGIFT% in your email.

Custom Packages


Do you have a special family project that you are trying to tackle alone? Are you trying to record your own story?

With years of research and storytelling experience, let me help you record and craft something memorable.

What are the reactions?


"You are such a charming interviewer.  How important a good and caring person is in that role. You made us confident in the flow of conversation with your encouraging smile and nodding of your head! The time went by so quickly." 

Virginia in McLean, VA

"Your interview gave me a kick-start on sharing more of my life and history with the members of my family"

Lois in Gresham, OR

"I just finished reading all three interviews and congratulate you for the high quality of your work and integrating pertinent photos.  As a result, I am more inspired than ever to do more interviews. Many thanks."

Mike in Alexandria, VA

Get the whole family talking!


Before the next family get together, consider if there is someone that hasn't recorded their story. Maybe it's a special family tradition or recipe, or just advice from another perspective. 

Don't lose those special moments. 


I finally had a chance to bask in your ingenuity, skill, and artistry tonight. I love what you have done with the book! The cover, the presentation, the brilliant idea to do this in the first place — all is fabulous. I am so pleased with the finished product and doubly pleased that this beautiful and historic package will live on long after I am gone.

Pam in Alexandria

Memorable Reads


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